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Waterfront Mountain Homes in High Demand in the Rocky Mountains

As if it were not enough to have a mountain view, topping it off with a natural waterfront feature could add even more to your mountain home value.  Depending on the area, some buyers will pay as much as 125% more than average real estate prices for waterfront mountain retreats.

Often sellers can either be misinformed or underestimate the high value of everything from a trickling seasonal creek or other unique waterways like natural wetlands.  Yet, buyer demand is high for these mountain country features, because they provide natural privacy buffers and a beautiful ambiance of lush vegetation, wildflowers and trees.
Riverside mountain homes also command high values and custom analysis.  Many buyers love fishing and the sounds of a riverside ambiance right from their mountain home.  There is also simply a lot less supply of riverside mountain homes.  Resale riverside mountain homes cannot as easily be made redundant by new construction due to more modern conservation and building requirements that greatly limit similar new construction along mountain rivers.  Additionally, the amount of riverfront land available that is suitable for new construction has become increasingly sparse within the mountains, limiting the supply of new construction riverside homes in general.
Lakeside retreats situated in the mountains hit every buyer’s wish list, because they provide the quintessential year-round, mountain oasis.  Outdoor loving home buyers appreciate the lake or pond in which they could kayak, paddle board or fish in summers, while also enjoying a spectacular winter ski getaway from the same retreat.  Interestingly, these buyers may be less about the ambient noise of trickling creek waters and more about the action they could take playing on the water.
Never underestimate the value of your mountain homes’ natural features.  Thinking about selling?  Contact Taryn Brooke at 970.333.8297 for a custom price analysis that looks into the details and recognizes all the features that will maximize your value.

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