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Updated Short-Term Rental Information

Updated on 4/10/23.

Attention Members:  We Have Updated STR Information!

This email includes Short-term Rental Information for
Summit, Park, and Lake Counties as of April 10, 2023.

Summit County

Blue River: Short-Term Rentals Allowed

Information and Applications:  Click Here.


Contact:   Michelle Eddy, Town Administrator

Breckenridge – STR’s are Restricted


General Policy:
Breckenridge limits STR’s By Zones 1, 2, 3 & Resort. Availability of permits is linked to the right.

General Info on STR policies, Licensing and Taxes/Fees:  Click Here.

STR Ordinances:  Click Here.


Additional STR Ordinances:  Click Here.


MAP of STR Areas:  Click Here.

Searchable GIS Map of Zones:   Click Here.

License Caps and available permits for each zone:  Click Here.


Contact:  Bela Del Valle, Short-term Rental Code Enforcement

Dillon- Short-Term Rentals Allowed

General information & Licensing:  Click Here.

Lodging Tax Information:  Click Here.


Frisco – Short-Term Rentals Restricted


General Policy:  Frisco has a maximum of 900 STR licenses. There is currently a waitlist.

License Application & waitlist registration:  Click Here.

STR Guide & FAQ’s:  Click Here.

STR Ordinance:  Click Here.

Town Map: Click Here.

Contact:  Sarah Schwartz, Short-term Rental/Housing Specialist



Keystone is currently transitioning from Unincorporated Summit County to its own Town. Currently licenses are unlimited. It is unknown what Keystone as a Town will implement for STR’s.

Contact:  N/A

Montezuma – Rentals Not Allowed Under 180 Days

STR ordinance:  Click Here.

Town Map:  Click Here.

Contact:  Sandra Lerner, Town Clerk

Summit County (Unincorporated) – Short-Term Rentals Restricted

General Policy:  Unlimited STR Licenses in Copper Mountain, Keystone *, Tiger Run, and 4 O’Clock and Sawmill Subs in Breckenridge in the Resort Overlay Zone (ROZ). There is a cap on STR’s in all other Neighborhood residential Overlay Zones (NOZ) by Basin in the County. There are two types of Permits: Type I for locals and Type II for STR’s. Type I licenses are available. No new Type II Licenses are available in residential areas of unincorporated Summit County at this time and there is not a waitlist available.


General Information & Links:  Click Here.

Current Caps & Available Permits:  Click Here.

Basin Locator:  Click Here.

Ordinance:  Click Here.

Accessory Apartment/ADU Regulations (At the bottom of the Page):
Click Here.


Silverthorne – Restricted with licenses available

General Policy: Town of Silverthorne short-term rentals are capped at 10% of the number of units in the majority of Town neighborhoods, Area 1, and 50% of the number of units within the Town Core and Riverfront areas, Area 2. Short-term rentals are not allowed within deed restricted neighborhoods, Area 3. Permits are currently available in Areas 1 & 2.


General Information: Click Here.

Map of Zones:  Click Here.

List of Subdivisions by STR area:  Click Here.

STR Ordinance:  Click Here.

Contact:  Mark Leidel, Community Development Manager

*Unsure of what jurisdiction the property is in? To Find a Properties Town of Jurisdiction, search the County Property Data Search and enter the address:

Park County

Park County (Unincorporated)

General Policy: The County does not limit STR’s but requires licenses and other items as defined in the ordinance linked below.

General information: Click Here.

Ordinance: Click Here.



General Policy: The maximum number of STR’s in Alma is 10. None are available at this time, but there is a waiting list.
Municipal Code with STR requirements (pages 65-67):  Click Here.


Municipal Code with maximum of STR units:  Click Here.

Contact: Any town staff at 719-836-2712


General policy: Short-term rental licenses are limited to 15 within the Town of Fairplay. *As of 4/15/23, 5 licenses are available.

General Information and Available Permits:  Click Here.


Ordinance:  Click Here.

Contact:  Janell Sciacca, Town Administrator
719-836-2622 x-102

Lake County

Lake County (Unincorporated)

General Policy: Lake County is under a STR moratorium and will not allow any new STR permits for 2023.

General Info:  Click Here.

Ordinance:  Click Here.

Contact:  719-486-2875 or


General Policy: STR’s limited to 12% (171 licenses) of residential properties in the City. There are 2 classes of licenses. Class 1 is for owner occupied units and Class 2 is for non-owner occupied units. Class 1 permits do not fall under the 12% maximum licenses. As of April 10th, the City is in the renewal period for licenses but currently is at the maximum 171 permits. They have a very short waitlist of 12 people.


General info:  Click Here.

Ordinance:  Click Here.



*How to know if the property is in Leadville or Lake County jurisdiction:

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