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Submit Ski Crash Photos or Ski Slang & WIN!

Do you have a photo of a bomber ski crash?
Did you pick up any “freshie” ski slang this season?

By April 9, submit yours, your kiddos and/or your ski club members favorite SKI CRASH photo(s) or SKI SLANG definition and automatically WIN! Every submission receives a special prize from Taryn simply for sharing. For each email submission, Taryn is also donating $10 to the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center and $10 to the Keystone Science School!

Ski Crash image:
Include any caption you want to foretell about your ski crash photo. No image is too old – ski crashes from any era will definitely qualify for entry! Videos (under 4 MG) or still photo images work great. 😀

Ski Slang Term & Definition:
All sass and no crash? Simply submit your favorite ski slang term and its definition without any images, too. Feel free to elaborate on things like where you were skiing when you picked up this new ski slang, why it is a favorite and/or one of your most frequently used.

Got Both Ski Crash & Ski Slang?
Think you can integrate the ski crash in the context of ski slang all in a single image? Hmm…this may be worth special consideration for an extraordinary grand prize. If you haven’t crashed yet this year nor picked up any new ski slang yet, remember the season is not over – get up on the mountain and make some memories you can have a smile about before it is too late!

How will your submission be used?
Ski crash photos/videos, captions and ski slang terms and definitions will be published in a future edition of Taryn’s newsletter and on social media. Personal names will not be used, even for those crazy ski clubbers who insist on a roast – sorry to disappoint folks. 😊

To submit your favorite Ski Crashes and Ski Slang Terms & Definitions:
Deadline: April 9, 2023

Thanks for participating in a quirky end of ski season reel published by yours truly. Ski on, because it isn’t closing day yet!

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