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Ski Resort Townhomes & Condos: Listing Photography Tips

Luxury purchasers want to connect with the property they buy.  The visual appeal of the listing’s imagery is at least one way for that connection to begin with the buyer.  For second home buyers especially, the quality of the photography and videography can be a key initial influence on whether the buyer decides to take the next step – such as incurring personal costs of travel to see the property in person.  

Capturing photos and videos for ski resort townhomes and condominiums has certain considerations that may be different from other properties.  Here are three listing photography tips specifically for luxury townhomes and condominiums: 

1.  Exterior property images are as important to luxury townhomes and condominiums as they are other properties.  

When it comes to townhomes and condominiums, listing photos often dismiss the overall exterior of the property – they may only show interior images of a particular condominium, for example.  However, buyers are seeking to understand the overall style of the property and location relative to nearby attractions, like the ski resort or Main Street shopping and dining.  

Often people say that the proximity to the ski slopes speaks for itself, but luxury purchasers need to see it to appreciate the value.  Think multi-seasonally about the property’s location features as well.  A riverfront ambiance, bike pathway or out-the-door wooded trails can be an attractive benefit that shows buyers the property has benefits for year-round enjoyment.  

2.  Key amenities have special emphasis for luxury townhomes and condominiums and should be showcased. 

Association dues and/or memberships for which there are material costs, yet no images create a missing piece in the property’s visual value story.  It is easy for a luxury purchaser to overlook features that were simply never presented to them.  

Typically, there is a checkbox on listings for amenities, like a pool or a garage, but buyers scan listings quickly and can miss important details.  Some amenities simply have no checkbox at all on the listing, yet they may facilitate a lifestyle experience that luxury purchasers desire.  For example, properties that don’t even require a personal car due to shuttle services can be a sought-after lifestyle experience for which there is no checkbox.  

3.  Interior lighting and time of day should be thought-out for luxury townhome and condominium photo shoots.

Lighting is an especially important factor for the interior images of townhomes and condominiums, particularly as some shared walls may be without any natural light from windows.  Often, the best time of day for capturing good light could be mornings or midday, depending on the orientation of the property.  In the mountains a “twilight” timed photo shoot may simply be too dark for quality images for some, yet it may work well for other properties.  Exterior lights surrounding front doors or patio doors can also be turned on for more effective exterior shots. 

Showing is as important as telling in luxury resort real estate listings.  When photographs and videos are performed effectively, the visual images can serve as a powerful influence that differentiates the property, compels more showings, and attracts better offers.    

A qualified luxury resort listing Broker knows the importance of leveraging visuals to showcase amenities and their positive influence on the property’s essence.  Getting the right property location images can entail aerial images and other outdoor photo shoots that many listings overlook.  Enlist the support of a local luxury resort property listing broker who not only knows the intimate benefits of your property, but also how to present it visually to buyers.  

Are you considering selling or buying mountain real estate?   Taryn is a nationally certified Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) by the National Association of Realtors.  Taryn is a second-generation Realtor with experience in ski resort real estate and mountain cabins.  Contact Taryn Brooke by phone at 970.333.8297 or by email at

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